Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What about zombie jesus....

Here it is finally the wait is over Marty's moly! I hope I didn't over step my bounderies in working in your book as I seemed to have done in other groups I am in :( ENJOY. It will be in the post by Friday.


  1. No shortage on background tone I see....nice.
    I love the transfers. Excellent.

  2. Too funny. Who are these dreamy characters between the headless Fragonard couple?

    That coffee thing brings me back to a book i did early on, . Group is dead. Book is gone. *sniff*

    Glad to see you're having some fun having your way with my book.

  3. I drew them in as she was going to eat him but it didn't work out to well so I stopped for someone else to save haha.

    I am glad you didn't mind I stained the whole book.... it was just calling out to me... these moly's have been a huge creative outlet for me.

    marty I remember seeing your all black book I am sorry that is gone... I am afraid I may have lost my first book with one of my groups :(

    I will be posting this tomorrow to F1x

  4. cool, I gotta work my stuff on Colin's book, btw who should I send to after? cause the next one is Colin for me but since the order swapped a little I should mail to... David Bessent? ill ask him for the address later on when I get home

  5. Yes that will work. I am mailing out marty's book to you today so it should take about 8 days to get to you and then the mailing order should be back to normal.

  6. okey michael, ill send colin's book to David once I have my entries finished and then when I finish Marty's book ill retake normal order and send it to Colin