Thursday, October 1, 2009

Passing on Marty's book

Okay....finally done. Could have puttered away at this for another 3 months.....but that isn't the point right? This is a collaborative thing. This is an awesome book and I hate to see it go. So here is my entry.

Here is the book as a whole.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for the opportunity.
This is a rad group!


  1. I love that floating white bulbous zombie with all the little arms. great work!

  2. I'm especially fond of the ghostly visages poking out from teh lovely texturing that you have going on. However my favorite is the tiny little black spectre poking out of that one tomented looking fellows mouth. Simultaneously adorable and eirie.
    Inspirational work.

  3. so you added color / texture to the previous drawings?

    im asking because it looks damn good! ;D, I like my entry much more now =)

  4. I believe so because my entry is much better as well. :)

  5. Oh and your entry is amazing colin I love what you have chosen to do it's fantastic.

  6. Thanks for the kind word fellas.
    Indeed...a lot of the work I did was attempting to unite the whole thing together with background information. Was a super challenge a lots of fun.

  7. It's a "Zombie Jamboree"!!!!

    And least of all:

    This book is TERRIFIC, terribly wonderful, horribly sublime. Thank you so much. Too freekin' lucky.

  8. Colin,

    This image is just plain WOW!!