Monday, March 1, 2010

My book

Hey all.....does anyone know the current location of my Zombie book?
No rush, of course, just curious.


  1. I have Jose's(F1X+2) book. It's in horrid mood and I'll be sure to keep it that way.


  2. I believe I have your book and one other. I just sent one to F1x and will send the other out next week. I do not think I have worked in f1x book???

  3. have I worked through all the books? haha so much zombie goodness I can't recall if they all made it my way.

  4. I recieved the book you sent me michael
    the hand made japanese moly, which I dont know who is the owner

  5. Should be Lindsay's book the other one I have is colins... .there is plenty of room does anyone want a second go with it? Coling if not do you want me to mail to you I think everyone has added something to it.