Monday, February 9, 2009


I just finished my moly. I decided to skip the first two pages and then skip a few more for the hand coming out of the ground. I hope this will spur more interaction. Who should I send to????
Please work aggressively in my moly no rules just zombie fun!!!!
Oh and sorry for the crappy photos I'll scan it tomorrow at work and post better ones.


  1. I am ready to trade ...if you wanna send me an email with your address I will do the same.
    The book is looking good!

  2. Cool beans. So are you thinking this will be a love zombie book then? lonely hearts back for another chance?
    Lovely work on the lettering there. Should be fun to add and work with.

  3. I wasn't really thinking that ...but it could be..i'll let the rest of you take it where you want! It was actually a song from a band called calbrese that I was singing in my head as I worked on the moly.

  4. I love the idea, I was thinking on something similar, anyway I think its gonna look cool if we all fill a bit on everywhere :P

  5. Mighty creepy. Mighty funny. Love that hand.