Saturday, February 21, 2009

colins moly

I recieved Colins Moly yeasterday and I am kinda kicking myself for not going with the big size moly sketch book. His is so amazing and great. I little intimidating to be adding my art work in it.

And Colin feel free to go crazy with my moly as you have with yours. You can do what ever you want in it as everyone else is encouraged! I think Im going to do one whole page and add a few pieces through out some of the other pages.


  1. I hear you, totally should have upscaled format, ah well, just have to rock the flourish in your books instead, what matters anyway! :)

    That is a wicked cover!


  2. Yes I am just glad to be in this group it's going to be amazing no matter what book choice we all chose. The best part of the cover the little box i'll leave as a surpise and may add an item to it.

  3. nicesomeness :D
    btw, my moly is on the way to colin, while he finished his entrys if you guys have anything to send to me ill be glad to do some more workz

  4. Glad you got it!
    Nightmare's book is the first fold out I have worked on and it is really fun. Got some suprises to add to it. Can't wait to see what you add Michael.