Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pin up a gogo

My contribution to lindsay's book. I may add more unless F1x+2 are you ready for another book. If not I'll keep it longer and add some more to it. Otherwise I'll send it on if you need something to work on. Once I mail it out I will be all caught up for this group with no more books.


  1. Such a pensive young she-zombie. Kind of a girl next door zombie, not to comfortable in public in her new bikini. Nice to see the book. It's looking fabulous. That paper is a little tricky isn't it?

    Nice work.

  2. Yes it loves to suck up pigment. She is contemplating where she will get braaaaaains from next haha

  3. this weekend I recieved the book you sent me michael,
    so give it a 1-2 weeks then send ahead ;)

  4. Sounds good. Then I may add to it within that time.

  5. Awesome work, and yeah, that paper totally sucks down the pigmment like a kid does Kool-Aide!

  6. She's a beauty.
    like Gidget of the zombie set