Thursday, August 27, 2009


This was fun. I used dyes to color this. First time. I've tested them before, but I really don't like them much, yet. The skin is too bright for me, but it's dye so the color should disappear in a couple of years. Then it will look right.

I think that she ended up looking a little like Drew Barrymore.

Here it comes F1X+2.

Added fun.


  1. That's a fucking dancer! Beautiful.

  2. Way to go Mr. Harris.
    You set that one up and gave it the ole one-two punch. Knocked it right out. This one is a beauty. to put nose to grindstone. Very motivating piece.

  3. Thank you, chaps. This is the upside of the downturn in the economy. Work is very slow, so I have time to play.

  4. I say: yeah
    yeah yeah yeah!

    btw which book is this?

  5. This is just amazing. Snow White, pin up and zombie all in one you can't go wrong.

  6. Thanks Gang!

    This is Michael's book. Plenty of room left in it, especially since this book has been drawn in front and back. F1X+2, I don't see any of your work in this book. I would like to send it to you. Would you please FlickrMail your address to me. I will send it today.

  7. Sounds like my book will be very interesting. If anyone wants it for a second round feel free to claim it again!

  8. =)

    coolio, tonight ill hopefully upload my entry on emon's book,
    as a preview gonna say when you having fun you dont know how to stop... the entry is like 8-9 pages long

  9. Tremendous! Can't wait.

    I know how it is. I feel like 'm on a roll now with these books. One a week is pretty good.

    Paul Senyol, in moly_x_1, covered 6 pages in one book, then flipped it over and filled the entire back side.

  10. I LOVE this! "Something smells fishy" wah-hahahaha! Incredible!