Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I think the size makes it a bit fucked up to see, it looks better in person

hope you like


  1. That is awesome love the idea and it goes well with all that blood I added in. great entry

  2. That's the spirit! This is fabulous fun. I propose that we keep this going, and fill the backside as well. I am truly loving this group. I have endless ideas for this.

    Jose, you are on a roll. Why stop.

  3. Where are the chicks?
    I have come to expect some sassy pin-up in some state of inviting decomposition.

    Just kidding.

    I love the gas mask dudes with assault weapons...and the green blood adds a lovely mess.

    Someone asked me what we are doing with these when they are done.....and I said putting it on my sketchbook shelf...with all of my other unsung glory.

    They asked, "you mean your not gonna print them up and at least compile it or something?"

    I wasn't sure what to say.....It would be sad to never see some of this stuff again when the books are done.....but I guess there is still a bit of drawing to do......we will see what comes of it.

    Awesome entry F1X.

  4. thanks guys,
    actually I'll confess I kind of draw automatic, just look at the book and draw what I sense it fits the book, this book was quite gorgeous, it had chicks, freaks, horses, dinosaurs, so I came up with this bloody mess :P

    next book will be pin-up I promise!

    about what you say colin, Im taking good pics and saving every moly that passes trough my hands, with the help of flickr to organize aswell