Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zombie Giant

Got this book just before taking off to thailand for two weeks, then had a couple weeks of getting back into the swing of things, and more or less not making progress, so sat myself down and got some stuff going finally.
And this is what happened. Some of it a bit more grim than I expected it. A lil' more work in this book, then I'll pass it on ( I think this one's almost through everyone? )

Just out of curiosity, any interest on a role-call on who's got who's book right now?


  1. !woah!

    I've got one book I think its yours Lindsay

  2. I am a slacker with two books
    Marty's (which should be moving on very quickly) and the one that started with the Zombie Con drawings, I believe it is Emons.

  3. Ha ha,
    forgot to add any comment on the drawing....I love it.
    The change of scale is awesome...all the creatures coming out of the clouds...and the bodies hanging from the shorts!!!

    Such a great entry. I am glad this is my book.

  4. Great original idea I never would have thought of a zombie giant. Your drawings are always cool.

  5. thanks for the encouragement.
    I scanned and uploaded the rest. I'll send the book off to marty forthwith.

  6. Can't wait. This entry is a gigantic success!! I love the detail. That's a labor of love.