Friday, December 18, 2009

Colin's book.

Another Fragonard zombie. This time, two Fragonard paintings put together. Hope that you like it.


  1. Just testing to make certain that everyone is now getting comment notices from this blog.

    Happy holidays.

  2. :o
    That just blew my mind. it took me two secs to do the mental math on that, and it equates to awesome. I love twisted up pretzel people, but this made me flip through that, and realize it was severed head posing. Very cool.

  3. Excellent mood in this one Marty. I keep pushing myself to get darker. Looks like you made it there in fine style.
    I looked at your profile page...are you really a part of all the Moly x-changes you list?

  4. BTW...I am totaly excited that this entry is in my book.

  5. I am honored Colin. Thank you for your kind words.

    I am in a bunch of groups. I don't care to know how many.