Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Japanese Schoolgirl Zombie Cheerleaders

My modest entry into Marty's awesome Zombie Moly; content inspired by a great photo laden book about Japanese schlock cinema called "Venus in Pink: Japanese Porn Starlets" by Candice Black from Glitter Books. PS - that's a nod to the "100 Views of Mt. Fuji" in the background there, Japanese art history class paying off once again...

Hope y'all enjoy, and deepest apologies for the slow delivery pace, this past couple months has been unusually busy & distracting for me between travel, family stuff, and getting a new gig lined up. Getting back on track now, noice!



  1. Nice one! I never truly understood the bandage eye patch thing, or at least I forget why...

    can't wait to get my hands on it.

  2. Those Japanese...crazy for everything.
    Nice entry!

  3. I am deeply ashamed that I haven't responded sooner.

    This entry is absolutely terrific, EX. I have to check out Venus in Pink: Japanese Porn Starlets.

    I am trying to step up my production now as well. Lead by example, aye? Trying, also to line up a new gig, since three weeks ago.

    Thank you so much. You are tremendous.