Monday, January 11, 2010


Story behind this one is that......many years after the zombies took came forth that was neither Dead or Undead.....wonder what her progeny looked like 6 generations down the road.......?

Will be sending it on to Emon soon.
If I remember correctly.....I should make it worth about $10,000 on the customs form.



  1. Great idea. Good work. Love this group.

  2. It arrived this morning just before I left for work, actually, and it looks freakin' amazing! Thanks for being kind to me at the border, Colin! :)

    So what happens now? I mean, my Moly is basically full now, which is wonderful. Does that mean I need to look for a new zombie exchange to get a fresh start with?

  3. Let's post this up to the group as a whole.