Sunday, January 17, 2010

Eat 'em Up

Its been a while, sorry for my lateness

This is Michael's Book if im not mistaken, i've dropped more drawings all around not only this thingy
Moving to.... dunno who? I think colin already did an entry


  1. If it is my book feel free to send it to someone if they want another go at it. I'd like to have the whole thing filled up.

    And either way if it's mine or not I love this drawing it's amazing

  2. Awesome entry...she looks so ...dangerous on many levels.
    You can send it my way again....That is if it's has already made the rounds.

  3. oka will do,
    yes its your moly michael, I did more stuff on it which is connected to the rest and I intervented some entrys!
    will post more pics later

  4. yesh! she is, the most, dangerously hungry :P

  5. If you had sent this book to me, I would have kept it. Nothing like sex and violence in the hands of a master. I bow to you F1X+2.