Monday, June 28, 2010


For some reason this made me think of this group.
Always love the random variations that come up in Ghibli,
now, yes this is a bit Ghibli meets pokemon...
but pokemon == pocket monsters, so acceptable?
sorry, I'll post something more gory later.


  1. Stunning, love their stuff and would appear the game well captures their signature tones!

  2. I love to draw.....I love that there are others that are so badass....and organized enough to make shit happen on that large of a scale.

  3. studio gibli ftw!

  4. bad thing it says PS3, need some ghibli love for my xbox also :(

  5. Hello glamourous zombie people,
    I figured I should introduce myself as I am going to be lurking here more than the regular stalker. I am here to check you are still alive and kicking, in any form. The work you've all done so far, is fabulous. Keep it up!

  6. Benconservato, thanks for the interest and nice words. Was a great group...but it seems, unless some miracle happens, the life has left only the impressions on the pages that passed between us and has moved on to other endeavors.

    Your work is great...I love the soft sewn things.