Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meet benconservato.

She is our new "Cool Aunt". All groups are now going to have a Cool Aunt or Cool Uncle. ben, you now have administrative access. You have the tools to stir up all kinds of monstrous trouble in this boys' room.

benconservato's first email:

Hello glamourous zombie people,
I figured I should introduce myself as I am going to be lurking here more than the regular stalker. I am here to check you are still alive and kicking, in any form. The work you've all done so far, is fabulous. Keep it up!

ben, this group has been sleeping for a few months, all tuckered out from a hugely successful run of zombie exchanges. Very good group, clever and diligent. Most, or all of us agreed to start a more general monster exchange, but after toasting our brilliance we all passed out. That's pretty much where it stands.

I am still in for the monster theme.


  1. Really? A monster exchange. I would be in for that one.
    I hope you all got your books back and Marty hasn't got them all hoarded at his house. He likes to do that.

  2. I'm also in for the monster theme, and have Michael Nightmare's book currently as my first exchanged one, though don't know who to send it on to next.

  3. I am still in for the Monster exchange and I have emon book for this exchange.

    Maybe Ben could join us? Who else is in besides myself, emon and Marty, would we like to add ben as well?

  4. Oh man!
    I am totally down for another round.
    I thought we were down for the count.
    I had a sketchbook for it and went in a differnet direction when I thought we died.
    If we add benconservato that would be great.

    Hell, five is a group. The others can jump in if they are so inclined (nudge nudge).

  5. Sorry, I got busy for a few months there, but should have free time again now. I would at some point like to get my Zombie book back, but will crank up production on my Monster Molly.
    Mr.Xie, you could also pass to me and then the current order could be maintained.

  6. Mr. Linds, I'm delighted to read that you're in, and that sounds like a plan. Will you by chance be attending the next Dr. Sketchy http://www.drsketchyvancouver.com/ on Sept. 5? If so, I could hand you Michael Nightmare's tome then, and by then it'll have the color and gore added I need to finish. Fun!

  7. Speaking of Vancouver....what do y'all know about the Art and Design school Emily Carr?

  8. From what I've seen there's some great fine arts studios there, my pal Galan got his masters there and seemed very happy with the renounces that were available to him.

  9. Hey mr.Xie.
    Can't make dr.Sketchys, as I've got a play date that day. Must help a little girl get past level 3 on Mario Wii....
    Maybe we can hook up for lunch or something soon.

  10. my book is still wandering around,

    im up for another round ofc

  11. I really should get cracking... I have strangely no motivation except to try to find a new flat and move at the moment. Annoying landlord, how dare they sell their house! I'll get onto my moleskine this week I am sure.