Saturday, January 3, 2009

And so it begins

So here are my questions, just to get my brain back into this brains game:

- Do we want to circulate a single book and all hit it once or so, or do we want to swap book as with a traditional Moly exchange?

- Could everyone please send me your names, addresses, and numbers so I can compile a list and mailing order, etc?

- What exactly does the whole idea of a "zmobie pin-up" mean to you? If we're to all start books, would that be the right question to start with?



  1. Emon Xie asked, you think doing a single book we all pitch in on is groovy? David pinged me that he likes that approach better, and honestly, so do I. What do you think?

    Marty answered,

    So, who keeps the book?

    I could do a hires scan of the book and distribute cd's. I would hate to make a habit of this. Have you received a book in the mailfrom any of your groups, yet. I think it will convince you that the books are worth working for, and keeping. I am part of a couple of stinky dead-on-the-vine groups and a few that are gonna be fabulous.

    I feel strongly that, in spite of the commitment, each artist should start with a book. I would like to see one of these groups be a little more aggressive, less polite. Maybe this is the group that is less polite. zombie pinup doesn't me one has to do a figure each time. One can do scapes, interiors, advertisements, graffiti, abstracts. Collage some of these ihop and needle point pictures.

  2. Good eye, hadn't thought of who'd keep the end product.

    Would be cool if we all end up with rip-roarin' cool zombie books to show off to strangers on the street or family at holidays! Nothing says happy holidays like an accordion fold up zombie montage!

    Frankly, I could work on a different zombie book a week and be pretty damn content. I would like to see all of the resultant book or books end up scanned and posted to the blog, as pieces or an end product entirety, and that would be easiest if it's something we all chip in on.

    Anyone else got a perspective on this? And anyone else like to see this group strap on a pair and raise the bar for other Moly spin off projects to follow?


  3. I personally would like to have more own book. Plus if we all have books it gives you more zombie fun to work with and not having just one chance to explore such a great topic.
    I would like to see a more aggressive group to as far as how the books are worked. I think we can all really push the whole moly exchange. I would love to see more interaction between our work. Like say marty does something and then on top of my two page I add to his artwork as well.

  4. Well you've sold me! Anyone else have an opinion on this?

    And reminder, please send me your locations so I can sort out a shipping order for us, thanks!


  5. well I have a couple thoughts about it

    a) I like the idea that everybody starts a book so everybody can keep a book

    b) I like the idea of mixing the drawings more, like marty said, one doing backgrounds, one doing colors etc and stuff like that

    c) I dislike the size of the japanese moleskine book, I think we need a bigger size for this specially if we are gonna mix surfaces more

    d) Starting a regular moleskine or watercolor moleskine or any other kind of would require:
    subD)leaving a lot of pages in blank?
    subD2) That this exchange would keep over and over till we fill the whole book? (50-100pages)

    e) would be a bit against the "moleskine" enterprise but maybe we can find another trademark that has a book that we all can buy and fits the size, pages, format we need here?

    some thoughts, btw im from spain

  6. Cirus,

    You may be right about the size of the book, although the standard size has 100 pages. I think the book size could be each artists'.

    If you have a book recommendation let us know.

    It takes a while for some to get used to the Japanese moly. It can be a real nuisance.

  7. aye, I have to draw a lot more on japanese molys to get comfortable, actually I dont mind using a japanese one for this I just think the size is too small for what we have in mind here

    about book recomendation I really dont have any idea atm, but everybody using his own book size, that sounds pretty cool,

    I would like to see more opinions, im pretty sure we will arrange something cool in the end, as said im up for anything ;)

  8. I am up for lots of different size books...zombies come in all shapes and sizes.

  9. Alright you guys won me over with the idea of each of us starting with a different sized book. Who really needs a Japanese fold book anyway? Actually I might be using one. I dig how small it is and yet expandable. But I'm excited to draw in your books.