Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rough start

Well, I've been a bit on and off of this one, trying to find my way into it, and found I wasn't thinking enough of it as a sketchbook, so will henceforth try and handle it more naturally and cram stuff into the spaces available. Trying for something along the lines of 'i want my life back' with maybe personality sticking around, and trying to deal with the frustration involved in now being a zombie and not having things be the way you remember being.
I'm using a japanese style foldout book. not really mole-skin brand or anythoing so the paper's a bit needing getting used to for me... err, yeah, carying on...


  1. this looks wonderful, and I think the approach you've taken will afford a lot of wonderful opportunities for dynamic contribution, very cool!

    Love the design of the little ghoul girl!


  2. I like how narrative it is....very contemplative.
    This whole thing just keeps getting better and better.
    nice work!

  3. I like the approach to the zombie psychology (omgz spelling) and the blank spaces aswell, ill be filling em if you dont mind when it get to my hands :D

    ill try to start and maybe finish my entry this weekend